Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sky Writing Continued, Our Return Trip 9/8/09

It's been some weekend of a most whirlwind variety. I can feel the air turbulence as I sit here & write. Not traveling with a computer yet, so my recent post from Troy, Michigan was from the hotel's lobby.

We're flying over Pennsylvania now, according to the kind & lovely flight attendant as I jot [which of course will later,-- that's now, be turned into computer text]. Live email is not yet available, my seat mate, asked another fellow passenger for me. My husband's seat is 2 rows behind mine, this works well. We said our "I love U's" hands across the row, & now, as all times our life continues to be in God's hands, with the help of our dedicated pilot & his crew. As I've mentioned before I arrived late to flight, but have always loved it in thought, & now though I weave it in only on occasion, it still remains an UNBELIEVABLE experience for me, & I will never, take any of it for granted. Thank you Orville & Wilbur Wright.

I have so much yet to distill from this far reaching weekend. Life through any one's prism is always unique, the stories we weave, retell & reweave once again, our tapestries.

Getting ourselves to Michigan was not without it's flight delays. We were told this was a norm, that delays go on all the time. So we've become a bit weathered to it now, at least this time we booked close to 3 weeks in advance, & not the day before take off. I'm getting stronger in many ways, the layering of multiple decades, does help in that way.

The rehearsal dinner party was a wonderful light hearted artsy buffet, & we were able to connect for the first time with some & reconnect with others, love was all around.

Our cousins-- the proud parents, the groom & his bride, merging families, all of us making new friends, the company we keep.

The evening of this Fairy Tale Wedding, what a Blessed Event, young love, beaming parents, aunts, uncles, extended family, & friends, what a joyful magical mix.

Our newly wedded couple are a credit to their generation-- kind, personable, smart, & oh what style. I don't know too much about today's fashion, but all I can say is the choice of colors, with red roses gracing tables lush, yet delicate, the perfect compliment. The bride beautiful, graceful, beaming & poised. The groom so bright, handsome, fun loving & sweet. I know we were thrilled to have come so far, to share in this special occasion of promise, love & hope. That's what families do.


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