Monday, September 21, 2009

The Changing Seasons Bring With Them The Promise Of Change & With That Hope--

It has been sung by Simon & Garfunkel-- "The wisdom of the Prophets are written on the subway walls..." I will agree.

Yesterday was the second day of Rosh Hashanah, in the evening was a two part service. The first was the symbolic casting of one's sins into the water with bread. How fitting, as man/person, does not live by bread alone & one's person's sins are another creatures feast. The ducks, geese, fish & heron on the river, I'm sure were pleased with this development, & I well, that's a long story. I really won't go into much of my spiritual journey at this time, but will say, I as many people of my generation, choose rather carefully, of the religious practices from their youth. I am no longer a traditionalist of my childhood faith. Over the years I've retained the spirit of having been raised in the faith of my fore bearers, yet to this faith I have also added a Zen full perspective, to how I view & live my life. It all just naturally evolved.

Human beings over the course of history have been known to label & libel those who believe differently from them, these personal & historic perspectives too, are a portion of the clay I was spun from. Not a pure perspective in either sense when it comes to human beings. Is that not why we are always becoming, hopefully better than the contaminates we were exposed to.

Real, doses of real reality. I find it necessary to choose as best I can, situations of as wholesomely good as possible, for the world will never lack in the opposite, no matter the dreamer I be, & the animalistic tendency of our specie at times rears it's head with the exploitations of those who may be perceived as the weak. In the animal kingdom this is natural, yet some human beings have this trait too finely developed, much to their determent, but that of course indicates those individuals have fallen ill to mind based illness & have not totally adapted, yet as far back as the Greeks the ills of the world would be attributed to Pandora. Who would have thought in the 60's one could wear a beautiful angora sweater with her name in the label. What's in a name? For another discussion time no doubt.

High Holiday Meditations

Sole/Soul Searching
Soul/Sole Searching

Been there, doing that
an active
of living

It's the attachments
& guilt
of this life

that beat upon
the sole
not just,
the doing
unto others,
being kind
the knowing
that too
is intended
and is
the right
of every

"Rock a my soul"


{Rock a my soul refers back to a spiritual song I sang during our summer bus rides to Girl Scout Camp, every camper of that long ago time would probably still sing along, do you know it---

Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Rock a my soul in the bosom of Abraham
Oh, Rock a my soul

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