Tuesday, September 15, 2009

As The Beatles Sang, "Just Another Day"--

Am feeling a bit over whelmed, with way too much, on my "To Do List". Perhaps if I wrote it all down, then when I've completed this or that, & I get to cross an item off, I would feel like I've been making at least some progress.

I started the day quite ordinarily by making something quite common, pancakes. Fed Dolly our new Pup, being she's a super sweet mutt, I gave her some super good scraps of-- vegetables & some meat, from last night's roast my husband grilled for us.

Having enough interesting things "to do", is one thing, then add in the rather mundane, have to get stuff done stuff, then it starts to get; over whelming, over the top. For me it has always been the domestic stuff that adds to the pile of straw. Things were pretty much set & taken care of before we went away, & I've been ever so busy since we've returned, one week ago. Basically I think it's the time of the year, what it represents to me, with Rosh Hashanah [the Jewish New Year] almost upon us. I have a lot I want to get done with my other involvements & projects, & the New Year brings to mind what my responsibilities are as a daughter from a traditional Jewish family that reemerged from the ruins of WWII. Definitely a heavy topic, but the remnants of the feelings do re emerge "from generation, to generation", & I am the only daughter from a family of those by gone years, of brothers two. So the cleaning, the food planning & prep, the extending, & all the energy one must muster, to put it all out there, I get it done, but in my thought process it brings to mind what I would consider to be a "conflict of interest". To live a life without regrets, honoring a parent from childhood years, with it's cost being great at times, "I do" as I am guided, no regrets, just the mental energy it takes to resolve the conflict that must be kept in check, & moving forward with a positive attitude. A person has only so much energy & time in their life vessel, this is not wholly determined by the individual, but what is given to us. How we use it is our choice, we just need to think it through clearly.

Sunflowers will forever remain my symbol of hope & potential, for their magnificent beauty comes from "only a seed".

A Healthy & Happy New Year to All, as we pray to be inscribed in the coming year, as this is our season of hope.

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom


{shalom is a hebrew word, it has three meanings, in a greeting it means "hello", when parting it means "goodbye" & for what is truly in every human beings heart & desire, it also means "peace"}

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