Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Mid September Thoughts--

Busy weekend, that it was-- I was on the schedule to work for approximately 6 hours Saturday & then just a few for today. We needed to be in Wethersfield for 2pm, for a service at my father's cemetery. I was late getting out of work, so when we arrived the service had already begun. One of those beautiful, bittersweet afternoons of mid September, standing together 40 people or more, saying prayers, remembering our loved ones, & thanking God, & all that they meant to us during their lifetime, meanwhile being reminded that we all return to the dust of the earth.

From dust we came, to dust we go. It all feels like a fleeting dream.

Families are quite unique systems, all the different people, meshing, striving, coming together, then separating, moving with diverse motions-- "Different strokes, for different folks & over, & over, & ditty ditty, over..." I sometimes wonder about the branches of my extended family that so readily, steps aside. I do of course know the germination of that stride of technique. My father on the other hand was the glue that held the family of my childhood together. I can't help but be reminded of his warmth & loving kindness as we left the cemetery this afternoon, not only our family tree that he worked so hard to maintain, but also feeling the deep rooted wounds of one of the sibling branches, who had not weathered as kindly, yet in life.

For many-- "The die had been cast" & no matter what one may say or do, the cog in the machine remains just that for some; inflexible, moving on it's own course, not thinking, just doing what it's always done-- "& over & over & & ditty, ditty over..." The part in the song that sings out-- "& we've got to live together...", yes, true, but thank goodness we do grow up, & if we give some thought of where we've come from, & how perhaps to share the good hopefully that was given to us, for it may prove possible to set aside & not repeat the same hurts, before we too return to the dust.


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