Wednesday, September 9, 2009

S K Y * P I L O T of 9/5/09

Thoughts In The Air

Roads visible from above
backyards, green
clouds hovering over patches, neighborhoods

If I had an iphone
I would "tweet,"
If I had a blackberry, I'd "tweet" U

My phone is basic
plain, bare bones
I talk when necessary, turbulence,"tweet", we're up so high
turbulence, turbulence
[not to cry]
roof tops brown, with angles soft
open spaces
we're aloft
down we go, in altitude
gives a spacey, feel in you
different people
different makes
different be it
what it takes

Doing things, that's different, smart
makes me wonder
makes me spark
makes one challenged
feels one's art
makes one grateful
in one's heart

It's been baby, turtle steps
and I know I'm near there, yet--
I can do it, matters most
families live from coast to coast,
I'm to visit, give a hug

Then I do this,
growth in mind,
we all learn in our due time.


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