Monday, July 16, 2012

An Update From The Artist's Studio~

I would like you to meet our friend & teacher~

Laureen Hylka

My friend S* & I met Laureen about a year ago at our friend Sharon's booth of handmade retro classical aprons at the Martha's Herbary Craft Fair,
Pomfret, Ct.
We've been enjoying our weekly art classes, they are quite mind expanding especially when we delve into the new possibilities that the art of oil painting presents, each & every time.
Laureen's recent collection of work are about to be dispersed to the various galleries. Bittersweet for S* & I as we will miss these pieces, but know all too well that they will be going off to grace the homes & collections of the various art lovers who have discovered this jewel of a talent, & most fortunately they'll be enjoying these works by Laureen
for many years to come.

Because Laureen's studio is so very uplifting & accepting of all styles & levels of artistic development, I can honestly say it's been a true blessing to attend these classes with no expectations other than to play a bit, & to explore what it is the paints have in store for me each & every time.

Below is my first work of the day which was somewhat inspired by the energy of the upcoming Olympics. After this painting was done I said to myself, yes this captures those thoughts~

Team USA
~Going For The Gold~

Our friend S* completed this charming still life today. Her eye & talent are finely in sic with how she goes about capturing the nature of what she has in mind. Her dad also was a talented artist, & she seems to have inherited his natural gift~
The painting below is a new technique that Laureen encouraged me to try, & I must say that doing art is one of my most favorite things to do in order to remind myself to be experimental, & to not be afraid to take some risks...
This work is part of my~

Universe Series~
A last view of some of our favorite art, all to be framed & packed up in a few days & to be going, going
well you know what I mean....

It was a really good weekend, spent a lot of time mulching at the main Peace Garden in between the hot blasts during our heat wave here. My husband is way into cycling, & in between each of us doing our thing we were able to go out with some good friends Saturday night to see the new Spiderman movie. All four of us gave it thumbs up, so if you get a chance put it on the top of your list for an awesomely fun time!

My friend S* & I were able to make it to our art class today. It's always an exhilarating process learning to be one with the colors letting this ongoing experience of working with oils take us up, up & away~ !

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