Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gray Skies & Peaceful Thoughts

From where I was standing this afternoon it seemed as if I were witnessing an additional storm of the century for what came down the first 10-15 minutes or so was hail, yes hail in July! After my late morning ride of traveling the countryside to find my way to my new hair dresser Megan, I surprisingly arrived on time, as her salon is a bit way off the beaten path. It seems as it really doesn't matter if I'm on time or not, as Megan keeps to her own beat, & when she's done with one person, she's then 100% with you. Not really any sooner. I find this to be a-ok as I've been pretty much on my own schedule these past few years anyway so it all suits me well. It's worth it to have my hair done by an individual who is well versed in dealing with the kind of hair I have- coarse & curly, & who has a positive attitude when working with it.

Before going to Megan, I had been going to Julie for several years. Julie is way way out of town. Megan's only out of town with one way. Both gals do an excellent job with my ongoing hair project, but due to my mother's condition which escalated at the end of 2011 & since she continues to live way~way~way beyond my town at the other end of the state, to do all the traveling especially to make it on time for the regularly scheduled appointments for her treatments & such, I needed desperately to rein in some of my excessive travels, & to find a way to lessen the miles & the directions I choose to trek.

I was at a mini pause at the time today's photos were taken, which caused me to stop, look & listen. Yes it was a day with it's good share of chaos, but that was good, for it always forces me to stop, look, & listen to what's going on on the inside of what truly is,~ the heart of the matter.

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