Sunday, July 22, 2012

For The Love of Bikes

Above are some of the bicycle images I love to accumulate. Bikes in all sorts of colors & shapes are true kenetic art. I never tire of a good day of cycling or a good view from where I perch. Yes we do take a spill from time to time, a bit too much sand, slippery or wet, but nonetheless it's always a good feeling to get back up on the bike & log on those endless miles...


& what we have right here is one of the views of where yesterday's picnic was, what a happening event that all was, as the people & the views~ truly awesome!

We attended a picnic for the members & the families of the cycling group my husband's a member of. It was a lovely way to end the week & a good way to enter into a new one. I myself am a casual rider, this group of cyclists my husband's a member with are extremely devoted riders & log on hundreds to thousands of miles every year.
It's been an excellent opportunity for him to ride with a level of athletes of whom he enjoys the challenge & the comaradity.

Cycling for me remains a wonderful freeing experience, & no matter which level we do it at it's all good. Yes very good indeed!

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