Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dolly Speaks~

Hi everyone, am filling in for M.L. this morning as she's about to get real busy washing & organizing the pickings from Ken's organic garden of yesterday. She said she has sooo many woofderful veggies that she's gonna have to share a bunch. Yeah that's what she said on the phone yesterday to her brother-in-law, who is first in line on today's sharing list, [pant pant] you know how it is with us dogs, no sweat!

Also I got wind that the project she's had in mind for their orginal
Peace Garden here is finally~
woof-oo, gonna come together! Let me tell you this idea of her's has been in the works for years now & now it's just a matter of her per usual artistic placement, you know that kind of thing those humans do. For me, I'd much rather have a bone, & if I wag enough perhaps she'll give me the last one she's stashed away, [actually am not much of a wager, it's my eyes that do it]. That last bone is in with what's left of the popsicles. Popsicles, popsicles wu-oo she goes through them like water, just give me a good marrow bone any day!

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