Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Farewell Tooth Fairy Farewell

There she is right above as she played a farewell tune~


And it's all plain in black, white,
with shades of gray.

When a simple snack needs it's time & place,
not time for popping just yet...

It has often occurred to me that it's when the adrenalin flows ever so rapidly, things get done.
Like driving out of town into the city, with proper directions. I can do it quite well & the anxiety dissipates, replaced with a focus & force so accurate is my sense of purpose.

This occurred only yesterday yes it was time to face the music, dental time. Chomp, chomp, chomp as these incisors were no longer as effective as they once were. Still this one was attached though cracked down deep into the root. Never trust a a batch of whole grains, & I also need to add, sift it yourself first, & be aware~ tiny pebbles!

Like so many of my generation our dental experiences back then had been rather poor-to-nil. Mine was on the rather atrocious side, nil might have been better. After begging my parents for a visit to see the dentist my mantra being, All my friends are going. An appointment was made. This proved classically horrid as the man who was my parents dentist of whom my mother often told her friends, "Dr. Pots has a light hand I never mind going." To this day am not about to figure that one out other than to say, How in the world does one have a light hand with a pick & a drill? The sound effects you guessed it, the booming reverberating tones of highs & lows, in an office atmosphere of strong toxic smells, & glaring lights. I saw Dr. Pots only once. I could have made myself return to endure more, but even to my then 15 year old thinking, when you're about to go on an explore deep into a mine the numbing agent of choice could be a bit more substantial than a Cherry Flavored Q-Tip. Needless to say this unsavory encounter with Dr. Pots has colored my dental experiences evermore.

I fast forward to now, & what has been an ongoing dental saga over the years of having had the per usual last rites to a tooth root canals, have had 2 only 1 took. Caps, crowns, & presently my 3rd emergency tooth extraction. Time flies, but I am a much more relaxed & accepting dental patient, & due to my husband's encouragement for the past several years have been seeing his dentist twice a year except for the various emergencies that continue to pop up. And here I am wow on the other side of yet another one getting used to the Tooth Fairy's rejection of my real property~ location location! This time it's an incisor midway to the back. With ice, & proper care this abyss will find it's way to close & to heal.

Am decades now since my past encounter with Dr. Pots, but will always remember his light hands. Not. These notches that some of us wear on our dental belts in life,- the molars, bicuspids, & incisors, when they hurt, they hurt & when they're all in good working order all I can think to say for today is~ Yes the movies sound great, & some popcorn too, but gotta hold the butter. Too many cals. Now let me think... which side is it ok to chew on..?
Ok I need to remain patient am still in healing mode, how's by you.... ? Hoping aok.

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