Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Have Thought It Over

Yesterday was a busy one as had been expected so here we are now back at the ranch so to speak. For today's photos am including some items which captured my imagination as we we strolling about. My mother who's medical appointment was scheduled to take some four hours or so by her medical team provided my husband & I a window of time to get out there & walk a bit. Our days of driving back & forth into New Haven can be hours of sitting, of which we've experienced if we don't mix it up can have some unhealthy consequences on this end. Thus we've learned.

The streets of New Haven were lovely yesterday, it's a city of interesting architecture yet a bit edgy in corners. We enjoyed the sunshine, but mostly the shade as the city does magnify the heat of the day from all the pavement & sidewalks. It was a nice surprise to spot some unusual paints too at the local artist's supply shop, that along with some really cool bookstores & cafes we were all set to make lemonade out of a day that due to some elements of a portrait could have been all lemons.

Compassion & kindness are always the key, no matter the mindset of another, & practice does make better. Never perfect, here on earth, we're only human.

So went a day.

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