Monday, July 2, 2012

Global Warming The Storm Within

The Storm Within

As folks close to me have know the past six months or so have been down right turbulent in my neck of the woods. What precipitated this tone is the fact that my mother has experienced several horrendous health episodes. Her situation is stable now & she is doing very well, considering her challenges going forward.
For us, well when a family member is in crisis the individuals who oversee their care are not immune to the turmoils of working at creating a good balance admist the storms. Hence our situaton on this end at times. I will say progress continues to be made both for my mother & for myself. I will forever consider myself fortunate to have the world of art readily at my disposal. Coloring, painting, cutting & pasting as far back as I can recall has always been my way of rest & relaxation & now that I'm all grown up what I've come to realize is that the ultimate gift my connection with the arts has always been a pealing back it's sharing with me an insight...

After The Storm

Poetry, prose, & the visual arts, form a lifeline that enables me to be lifted outside the ordinary muddle. With this bit of distance I can finally not only gain a healthy prespective, but look within to afirm that hope does spring enternal...

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