Friday, July 13, 2012

From The Charles River Back to The Garden

It has come to my attention that some of us, we'll all have to figure out our own particular reasons as to the why, some of us nonetheless have been hardwired to tolerate some aspects of what is toxic. Sort of like sitting upon a toxic waste dump, a Love Canal & not truly realizing it until we've removed ourselves from it. For some we know it has been tragically too late, & for the others surving, & living a life with the accumulated ill effects, it is just that, a real day-to-day, survival-mode.

Once we see it all more clearly, take in our lives without the blinders or the masks, we may at times have moments of pain, still it is worth it, & oh so very much! As long as we can we shall do so, walk the path to clarity & peace. Individuals who realve in causing pain in others are truly not oblivious of what they are doing it's just that they have gotten themselves into this sort of loop, & just don't want to give it up. It's a sad thing all way around with that for the very people who are sometimes the most pained by loneliness keep refusing to learn the golden rule. By refusing to treat others as they themselves would like to be treated, the loneliness that they are experiencing becomes multiplied due to what they are choosing to cast upon others. Kindness & empathy can be taught to very young children, but unfortunately many of the children who have not received this valuable lesson even into their elder years, when they grow up, & walk among us & when there are repeated meetings & encounters of a mean spirited nature, the healthy natural reaction can at times be of the others is an avoidance due to a deeply rooted aversion. Thus this can grow in sections of life's garden.

My garden is no exception, but with a little creativity, texture & color all fifty-nine* shades of gray can, & do find a way to sparkle.. , & of this too I am so very thankful,~ !


Would like to thank my FB friend R.B. for sharing his knowledge of the fifty-nine shades of gray. Thanks~ R.B.

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