Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter Garden

Home sweet home after a busy day which began by the greeting of~
jasmine blossoms,
& lunch with my husband at the Parthenon, a really neat diner in Branford, Ct.,
where we took a little pause for some r&r, & some additional planning of getting my mother's home cosy & safe for when we bring her back home from Florida.
So as I end the day, & do a little this & that keeping our kitchen up to snuff making sure there's this gentle reminder in the grace & beauty of a small microcosm of our world at large.
It definitely has always been the simple things that bring comfort & joy no matter the challenges.

The chill in the air brings me indoors to tend to, & care for my winter garden. I would be lacking in honesty if I were to say this present season has been light & carefree. Happiness comes in moments, so truly in all honesty I have been enjoying the light hearted ones, & the heavier ones that are also with me, I take them in, review them, & even in moments of anguish I let them go, no matter how heavy & hard it is to do. I know this season comes upon us all, & nary an individual is exempt.

So this winter garden, the delicate beauty of the flowers that keep me company during the moments when I need them most, are a good reminder that we are all walking the garden path of life with feet of clay, yet knowing too, to listen to my heart, which is a true brave heart, knowing the message is true.

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