Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Art of Peace From Where I'm Perched...

The Art of Peace From Where I'm Perched, Where the Ordinary,
Becomes the Extraordinary~

Only last week, after being inspired by the beauty of my jasmine plant which is still holding it's blooms, I decided to venture back into the plant world a wee bit, & put together a project of sowing some seeds in pots. So here we have it, I've planted~
oregano, chives, basil, parsley, & cilantro, & what do we see in this photo below~ da da da da...
& in this next photo we have some basil just about breaking ground~
Here they all are bathing themselves in true southwestern exposure in what was once a sunny day some mere hours ago...
In the center is the early on sprotting of an~
lovingly given to me by our dear friend Pam in our interfaith group on our very last day of doing our radio promotional jaunts for our Thanksgiving Interfaith Service.
This amaryllis seemed to be growing quite rapidly it's first few days out. Am thinking perhaps I should try moving it away from the window a few feet, allow it to get aqequate light, but maybe it needs just a little bit less intensity, as it's growth spurting seems to have really slowed down a little as the main item in the window.

I am totally convinced that the day to day decisions we make not only effects our own peace of mind, but our peace in the world as a whole. As our extended family & friends know, my husband & I have been deep in the trenches, in regards to trying our very best to problem solve a very complicated situation involving my mother. Once I let a lot of the involved thinking
fall away, from the analytical part of my mind, & listened totally to my heart, the situation for my mother & all of us involved has moved forward with good snippets of improvement.
In my heart of hearts it does of course continue to remain challenging going forward day to day, depending on what kind of phone call I receive, & depending of course on the specific topic of any given call, as many individuals along the way have been most helpful beyond compare, sharing excellent advise & in site which has been enhancing the problem solving side of my brain. True there have been just a few who have complicated the situation, offering mainly confusion or anx, but overall, in dealing with the scope of the challenges we are facing on this end in helping my mother & all, most of us in her extended family are working well together with her as our main goal to give her peace of mind.

Ultimately that is what we all need,~ a safe, healthy & caring environment, as we all go forward, knowing very well that in the human experience of our short time we people this earth, the best of the best that any one of us can do, on any given day is to go forward as my husband says time & time again with~

forgiveness, love & acceptance

of which we do strive, time & time, again. So as we sow our seeds with thoughts of spring in the peripheral of our minds, we listen to our hearts, which continues to show us~

the true way of being


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