Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Thoughts, 2012

Truly,~ All you need is love.

While I was in the kitchen earlier today putting together what I wanted to be a really nice dinner I was thinking about the phrase "Do unto others... ", as someone I've known for just about forever, a sibling seemed to pop into my mind, & it dawned on me, just then & there. It's not really about doing unto others expecting them to be kind in return, what it's really all about is being kind to others no matter how they in turn decide to treat us back. We are to treat others with kindness & respect soley because it is ultimately the right thing to do. It is one thing when we are interacting with children, we intutitively want to teach them to behave towards others with kindness & respect. When it comes to interacting with adults, it may be a challenge at times reminding ourselves that they as adults are soley responsible for their own behaviors. Cringe as we may, when an unkindess or disrespect comes forth, what I've only realized on this date is that when we treat others the way we would like to be treated in return, & even if it is not returned, it will forever remain a worthwhile effort, as doing the right thing is just that. Correct.


It's been a lovely day today, a bit of sunshine, & some very important tasks continue to get done, during this ongoing family crisis, of which we are in a bit of a holding pattern for now. All in all, for today am feeling satisfied & good about the progress we have been making on this end, also learning how to live better & fuller in the moments when I do have peace of mind, & cultivating it with a renewed sense that taking care of ourselves, in body mind & spirit, is ultimately the best we can ever do for the special people in our lives that we love & hold dear.

Yes, "love is all we need... "

[A special thank u* to our friend Neila who shared this from a friend on her FB page. I had planned on adding this fave song in my planning of today's posting, sooo... here it now is. Thank u* again dear friend!]

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