Monday, February 13, 2012

Rolling On The River~

I was trying to think of a musical artist & who's song I have found inspirational from time to time, due to that artist's strong ability to overcome hardship & diversity. The song that came to mind, well what was I thinking, you might ask? But I really had to go with the song that was running in my mind. Kind of like a gut feeling~
For today it truly is~ Tina Turner, for she has always represented that shining example of a woman who has ridden the course of many a white cap.


Some years ago I attended some very interesting classes by a very knowledgeable Rabbi up in the Worcester Hills. He used the metaphor of the river, & the river being of life & death. He reminded us all that the river had the properties & elements that could sustain us, & at the same time destroy us too. Very powerful reminder, indeed.

Everyday along the way, we all make choices, & get our strength & refuge from whatever it is that each individual calls upon. I too, as any human being take in the currents of the river, with prayerful thoughts, yet at times wrestling with my own strong undercurrents that can reemerge when a family is navigating a crisis. When we help others in the midst of our own struggles, it does help to focus us, to bring us in closer to the shore, allowing us to feel a sense of grounding, even as the current remains strong, taking us, to worlds unknown. And isn't that it, one of the true sources of our anxiety during these kinds of journeys each & every one of us travel, being able to come face to face not only with our own inner selves, but the very unknown, that we all yearn to know, but are in a way, all fearful of, for it is still yet,~ the unkown.

May we all fathom safely these rivers, & the streams too, that run through our very arteries, to the carotid of our lives.

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