Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just A Wee Bit Starry Eyed*~

These simple beautiful stars were constructed by some of the craftspeople that contribute to the fair market trade that Ten Thousand Villages is known for, & have decided that since this is a very gray time of year in this part of the country the very best I can do to combat this is to utilize house plants & also a sprinkling of these colorful stars too.

My brother the son of our father, & our father who was our family's nuclear physicist chemist, proudly shows off one of my fave chemical combos~

This past week has been of course busy, what's gotton done or accomplished, I couldn't really pin point. I do know that my mother has been given permission to travel back to Connecticut, via/ plane as she continues to amaze her medical team, & fam*, as well. She of course has been working very hard to keep up her strength & determination in order to continue to make progress, & to maintain this renewed strength she has acquired.

We here in our neck of the woods are trying our very best to gage how much we are able to accomplish in any given day to help to get my mother's home safe & ready, as there is a lot of heavy lifting, weeding out, & reconfiguring of what would work, as my mother will no longer be able to use her present floor plan. For her, all these years it has been a three story adventure including a loft bedroom with an amble sitting area, & also a finished off rec room & laundry in the cellar area. So between my husband & I, for we're pretty much the on the ground team; we'll just have to see how it all goes for now in regards to all of this, as my husband & I know my mother doesn't have all the time in the world to continue to hold up down in Florida, & for situations such as these the sooner one is reunited with their families, the better it is all the way around. So for today when it eventually warms up a wee bit, we'll put ourselves out there my husband Steve & I, for a nature walk at our local Audubon, as that's our way, a good dose of nature to keep us grounded in body, mind & spirit.

& Oh yes, the caffeine, a few good doses does provide a lot for each & every cup along the way, as per the above photo explains.

Post Script of the Day~ My brother who is proudly displaying the caffeinated topic shirt in today's posting will be joining my husband & I tomorrow to go back out to my mom's neck of the woods so we can safely rearrange her living space in time for her return back from Florida. We welcome this wonderful news, as the more we can help one another on this project, the best it will be for all concerned, especially our mother.

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