Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ain't It Good To Know.., & thus

Aruf, or I suppose it's woof, woof, woof! A very deep ? baritone woof I must truly add, as I know Dolly's a gal, but her bark is strong & deep. I guess I'd call her a modern day suffragette.
Now where's that Pankhurst era hat I've got stashed away, that would look perfect on my Dolly.., oh yeah it's right over there..

I too am a fortunate pup, as when I rescued Dolly several years ago, ultimately in many respects she also rescued me. What ever would I need rescuing from, I could & have asked myself, over & over.. Well let me put it this way, we've all got our cares & ... , some seemingly more than others, but ultimately what it seems to me is what most of us want & need, is to be connected, & to have a life of purpose. Also at the end of a very hectic or busy day that may have been filled with stress, what's not to love about a warm furry friend, who no matter what, thinks of you as the apple of their eye. I'm sure you've noted I said apple here, & not bone.
Yeah, woof to you, dear Dolly!

We got word the other day from my mother's doctor's office, that she has made wonderful progress, & she's been ok'd to travel back to the northeast, so she can be nearer to her family once again. It's getting through all the logistics, that is taking up a lot of time, the various details of how to engineer the daily living a life. Where she's to live now, & the arrangements to be made on her behalf. All the finer behind the scenes details, one step at a time.

In the meantime, I've been trying my best to stay on target with a program of staying healthy in body, mind & spirit. Yesterday I attended our writer's group, a little jaunt from our neck of the woods, as our group meets outside of Boston, & the trip in is a chunk of travel time. Well worth it, but I need to keep working on becoming more disciplined in order to get myself clicking along with the manuscript I've begun. That is the key, if I am to fully benefit from all that I can learn. Also being the weather here in Ct. was on the balmy-side, a bit of a spring-tease, I made sure I did my walk on the track just before it was to get dark, & road my stationary bike last night too. For doing all the right things yesterday I rewarded myself with a few additional house plants, to spark up our indoor environment, with some living greenery. Spring is still several months away, & here in New England, February & March can become a grueling ordeal, if we let it. So yes, I guess it's that ole Girl Scout in me, trying the best that I can, by being prepared of which I must admit to having to always be certain to be stocked up with coffee. And why not I so conclude, as for now anyway coffee's the one, it puts the fuel in my tank, & it's legal.

Before leaving yesterday morning, as I was mulling over getting ready to travel in with my friend & teacher Tima, to be on time for our writing group,~ my Muse appeared, sooo.. do I, don't I... , & just had to jot this down, & here it is today~


caffeinated, a cup or two,
or three or more
that is my cue

to get me readied,
out the door~

I brew it hot
I brew it thick
I brew
[no chew]
this does the trick

will sit and read
and write a note
will jot this poem
relay a joke

from deep within
a muddled mind
will spin it out
just jot a line-

and read my mail
on e-mail's screen
to feel connected
off to preen
as my hair's wild
needs to be tamed
at least to start
this break of day
for caffeination
gets me through
and up and out

What's nue by you...?


Throughout this recent family crisis, I've been reaching out, & have been in touch with extended family & friends, close by, & across the miles. It gives me a wonderful feeling to know, that the individuals who have always been near & dear to me, have continued to be in touch reaffirming my true love~ of the compassion of the human spirit, being we're ultimately~ all in this together, & it is during times such as these that continue to test us, & test us too to appreciate, & enjoy the beauty of this world, & one another in our very fleeting time.



To my dear friends, & fam*, near & far away, I will be in touch again soon, as I dedicate this posting to, as my father was known to say to myself, & all of the fam*,~ "to all of yaz".~

& thus the newest of my Muse's rhyming lines completes today's addition to our ongoing~

~Poetry A Muse In Motion, project~

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© Mother Lightning of Mother Lightning's Peace Garden

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