Monday, February 20, 2012

Seemingly The Same, Yet All Of It Change...

A simply beautiful Monday, Monday~

During February I am convinced that all one needs to feel a bit of an uplift, is to awaken to a bright & sunny morning~ I know it certainly works for moi. As my extended fam* & friends know there has been an ongoing situation that has been concerning me since just before this new year began. We all have our own unique ways of coping with the deep inner
stresses of living a life, & I of course am no exception to those periodic episodes of despair in regards to, what to do next. I am a firm believer in the spiritual connection we human beings have taught ourselves to foster. For myself one particular stream of thought has not been one true way, for in my experience it has always been my own personal relationship with an inner spiritual connection of what some faith based systems refer to as God, of that I do believe, but we all get to the same point, no matter the paths we take. All ways are not the same ways, but the way of the way, is the way.

Here in the northern hemisphere as our planet's proximity moves closer to the sun, we of course bask in it's rays a bit more from time to time, as the hours of our days elongate, & we all are in anticipation of a new greening as we inch our way towards springtime, the season of a more gentler time for us to see what was once the ordinary, become the extraordinary again.

We all cope so very differently to the seasons of a lifetime that encompass us no matter where we've come from & who we presently are. And we all have the ability to change, for the better, no matter our phase or time of life, which will be ever so fleeting, even if we were to live to be two hundred & three. Yesterday a thought came to mind as I so feel like a tree now more than ever, the thought triggered by the effect of looking down at my own feet in need of a good trimming & a coat of pretty polish to camouflage some of the discolorations & distortions absorbed from a lifetime of standing on one's feet for hours on end, in a profession of caring for others, but ultimately the full effect was that most of us all were in true sic, for as we all worked together we were the ideal of a healthy functioning family.

Am in hopes that the sunshine continues today, & even if not, my dose of a sunny perspective will take me far into the week, & I know that no matter the cloud cover my new seedlings & our friend Pam's amaryllis may have to deal with, these new wonders are getting just the right amounts of what they need to grow & thrive. Nature has her formula of what works, & who am I to need any more.

Have a good week everyone, & will return to the Peace Garden when next I have something to share, of which I can't be too sure of when, but today I'm off to paint, & I never know what that will bring...

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