Saturday, February 11, 2012

A 32nd Birthday Celebration at The Co-op, Willimantic, Ct.

I took off late this PM to catch a bit of this ongoing party. It was a fun experience to shop for some premo food items on my list, & to have live music as an accompaniment. The turn out was an excellent one, & all I can say is that I was pretty happy that I missed the Happy Birthday to You cake experience, as there were 32 cakes, & some cupcakes too, & I must keep my problemo with sweets in mind.

The entertainment at today's event was as listed below~

Live music by:
Done @ Five
Echo Uganda
Lynz Morahn
Dawn Cook
Zoo Front
Electric Trains!

Congratulations members of the Willimantic Co-op, we members love our
Co-op, & will continue to travel from near & far to remain part of this wonderful Co-op experience!

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