Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Bud

The doodle above is a representation of some deep rooted thoughts of
My Family
which happens to be my roots extended family
from childhood days
to my
here on planet earth
now days~

This winter's been aok, weather-wise that is. On the personal front it's been a bit of a hectic assault on my senses of sensitivity. But, I'm no different than any other living soul on this planet, who may become a bit overwrought from a seemingly constant barrage of stimuli & a seemingly endless list consisting of massive decision making. If all of that sounded like a mouthful, well I guess it is, or should I say was, as the day has now come to an end which certainly feels just right.

During the late evening of this day, I discovered one of the flourishing buds on my newly adopted jasmine had opened. So delicate, & perfect, a most special way to end this day. So as this day comes to an end, I wish us all,~ health, goodness, & truly peaceful loving thoughts.


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