Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Visit To~ Cirque Dreams Holidaze

From the beginning of time, we human beings have done our creative best to cope with the darkness of our days~
& during the Winter Solstice of December 21st of each year we are the furthest away from the sun. Yes it can be cold. Yes it is dark longer, but do not fear; light & color await to transport us to an artistically creative place in the imagination of the mind.

Our daughter in law, & son gifted to us tickets to see Cirque Dreams this past Tuesday at the Bushnell in Hartford, Ct. What a lovely gift indeed. The show began at 6:30pm which was a good time to accommodate folks with young children too. This was our very first time taking in an acrobatic show of this dimension. It was way cool, with costumes, staging, lights music & yes action. The overall presentation was quite excellent, as there was always something interesting to focus on, along with the unique costumes.

No matter what, a kid lives inside each & every one of us, so as we continue onward into this season of winter, & the dark, let us all take in a bit of color, enjoying the song, & festival of lights!

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