Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas & Chanukah The Morning After~

A season of good will as the week progressed...
The pan for the latkas was set up outside on the deck as my husband wanted all the smoke from the frying process outside for overall air quality. This was our first year cooking them this way, & it worked out just fine.

Both my husband & our grandson were exploring & enjoying some new technology that Santa had shared...

The Festival of Lights continues...

Of all the merries for our small fam*, this past Christmas was just about the best. My husband & I are of course empty nesters, & are always very thankful for all the times each & everyone of our adult sons is able to come back to our neck of the woods. The element that is adding to this season's specialness is the respectful & giving attitude of pitching in & helping out whenever a project is needed to be done. For me it has always been the element of the domestic scene, the cooking & the cleaning, that could be problematic, & would run me ragged with all the prep time, & the aftermath of cleaning up afterwards. This year it was a new & most wonderful planet~ of everyone pitching in with a hands on attitude, from standing at the pan, for several hours of cooking latkas, to peeling & cutting apples for our apple crisp pie. All of it done together with so much efficiency that in the old days I would have been alone in the kitchen for hours on end, just working at it, & getting it done.

Voila~ a new generation has grown up, & arrived, here in my kitchen, which is an important aspect in any one's garden of life. A kitchen~ the creative, nutritious heart that is needed for the growth of any family's well being. I am truly a most thankful mom to be alive & to now have reached this exciting aspect of life, the sharing, & the continued learning & growing that we gain from one another is by far the very best of the best in any satchel of gifts. It will always be the simple things that bring forth a deep richness in the quality of living & celebrating in this season of~

~Peace On Earth Good Will Towards Men~

Amen, Amen, Amen

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