Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Soltice Time, & Chanukah/Hanukkah Is Here~

I would so love to have a giant draidle, but instead~
I have a little draidle I made it out of clay...
Not really, in all actuality, mine are made out of, wood, plastic, & I even have a silver one that was given to me, too.
Above is an assortment of our family's menorahs which still need cleaning up,
my fave is the one pictured below that our friend Sue designed mostly made out of marshmallows, & pretzels. What's not to love, but you'll have to wait eight days, as Chanukah is an eight day festival, enjoy~
My friend & children's book co author, Peg & I taking a quick pause after an additional episode for our BeadforLife fund raising event.

Here I am doing a little bead talk with one of our supporting shoppers Marge. Marge took the photo above, as we all love the colors & aray of the mix of this vibrant display.

I needed to go out of town for one of those end of the year medical appointments, of which all of us women of a certain age must do, in order to maintain our health. Lets put it this way, they put a certain body part in a flat vice-like apparatus that feels like you're in the midst of the iron crusher. It wasn't a terribly horrible experience, but prior to the exam you are instructed "no powder & no deodorant", goodness gracious, going without deodorant, can feel like a day without sunshine. So afterward I did a dab or two, there that was more like it, & then it was off to the mall for a visual pick me up. And don't you agree that the Ice Palace and her Royal Highness the Snow Princess, are a vision to behold~

Tonight is the second night of Chanukah/Hanukkah, & though it's been a bit rainy & gray, nonetheless it's been a wonderful day, of just plain taking my time, & getting things done. Being we are an Interfaith family, we try our best to touch upon the aspects of the season that have given us enjoyment from way back when my husband & I were kids growing up, to the days when we were raising our own family, & to now, sharing with the newest generation, our grandchildren. We make certain that we are able to share with those who are less fortunate, as these are hard economic times across our land. Our local food pantry, & fuel assistance programs in our neck of the woods are finding it ever more challenging to meet the needs of our community. Just a few weeks ago, the chapter of the Sisterhood, of which I have been a member now for a little over 4 years, was still raising funds for the BeadforLife program all the way in Uganda. The very same evening we collected & made Care Packages for our local women's shelter.

With all that as a backdrop, I find it is still possible to just simply take it all in, do what it is one person at a time, can do, & appreciate & enjoy the richness of simply~ living a life.

For as the Dali Lama has taught,~

"If there is something that is worrying you, & you can do something about it, then do it, & don't worry. If there is something that is worrying you & you can't do anything, don't worry about that either."

I find that statement, very freeing, though it takes a cetain amount of effort in retraining my thinking, but it is workable, & small steps along the way do help in retaining the energy needed to do something effective in reguards to maintaing personal peace, in order to continue to work each & every day towards world peace. So truly all I can say, is a most simple statement, that is both honest & true, for me & for you~

Please help us God


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