Friday, December 30, 2011

Grandma Anna's Phase II of These Wonderful Rugullas~

Phase II of Grandma Anna's Newly Twisted Coney Island Rugullas 2011 edition are now prepared, & ready, so very ready to be shared. My husband, our son, & moi', have all been enjoying this fantastic treat which is so very hard to put down, as it's not too easy to stop. But I'll stop here, & just say, it is always a pleasure to put together these creations, no matter the time, the prep & the mess that it makes, for it brings forth some really pristine memories of our grandmother who truly to us was really, a great person. It's the little people in the world, one by one, that continue to inspire & bring us comfort during all the seasons of our lives, not just those lazy hazy days, be it the sunshine & the fun, but also the vortex of any black hole that can be lurking behind the facade that it's all right, as sometimes it's not, but situations do change, nothing is permanent, & we are not born into a world to have our stories be written in stone. Not in the beginning that is, & none of us are of any dynasty anyway. Just regular people, just trying ever so very hard to make it in this rather hectic, & at times very crazy world, one step at a time.


I'll come back sometime later, to post our grandmother's recipe, until then Bon Appetite!

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