Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kepler 22b of Which~ Much Is Revealed With The Stroke of A Brush

My newest painting above which is still in phase one, has been given the title Kepler~22b as inspired by the newest discovered potentially earthling habitable friendly planet. This painting certainly shows me that there has been a lot on my mind lately.. & am in hopes that come next week, some of the issues that have been on my mind will be on the way to being resolved. There's a whole universe out there, & with that comes the potential of beautiful & colorful possibilities.
This very sweet emerging still life painted by our friend Sima, is really beginning to take shape & form. I just love the free flowing technique, style & color which is certainly a prelude to what will be a most charming painting once complete.
If your interested in contacting Sharon about her very unique ideas in cloth, she can be reached by emailing her at~
Creative Cloth Designs
& also by veiewing some of her recent work at this past summer's Peace Garden link~

This bright & energetic still life being worked on by our friend Sharon, is truly the work of another emerging artist. This painting too, still in it's early stages, gives me a feeling of positive energy every time I glance over. Sharon is already a fabric artist, & now she is transforming her artistic gift to that of a painter.

We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to be working with our art teacher-artist, & dear friend, Laureen in her very charming corner of the world. Her studio has such wonderful northern light, & the environment created by everyone, is positive, & very real. What a great way to explore the possibilities that playing around with paint can create. Each of us so very different, & with that our unique journeys inspiring~ universal thought.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your "Kepler 22b" Art painting Cheryl, Who know's, maybe on that Friendly New discovered Planet, some budding Artist is busy at work creating a painting she will call, "Earth"...

Another Fun read and treat for the eyes, with all the different paintings, thanks for sharing. LOL, b. Malin