Monday, December 12, 2011

A Cornacopia of Culture, Beauty & Carrot Cake Too~

Claire's Corner Copia always a destination point for us at least once a year. This time we we would be off to the Yale Repertory Theatre which as you can see had their lights, all a glow for one & all~

Claire's is a vegeterian restaurant, but even non vegetarians find every morcle a pure
culinary delight~

It seems we never can leave without a slice of carrot cake, but we've wised up, & now share it~
The first of this season's Christmas Trees was glowing bright on the New Haven Green this past Saturday night~
And another tree, not quite as tall in the center of the state, at Hartford's Bushnell Park, alongside the pond which is all set up for community ice skating~

Just a few more city street scapes before reaching our destination...
The Veterans Memorial Arch alongside Bushnell Park, & the Connecticut State Capitol is always a favorite, no matter the season.

It seems like not much is new, yet I've made a discovery or two..

Am listening to 60's oldies on PBS as I click along the keyboard. So what's new in these here hills, hmmm..., let me think... Well for starters my husband & I have branched out in our theatre repertoire, in the audience that is. We went into New Haven, which is a rather small city in southern Ct., but with much history & immense culture. We love theatre & are committed to the extensive travels it sometimes entails, the draw was New Haven, as it is a little lighter as far as road time goes. We were pleasantly surprised during our very first visit to Yale Repertory Theatre, their high caliber of performance, & ability to make us all feel relaxed, welcomed & enthralled with all that it takes to engage an audience.
We saw, A Doctor in Spite of Himself by Moliere a modern day version of this 1666 play was a co-production with Berkeley Repertory. The version of this play made it's premiere in 2010 by the Intiman Theatre, in Seattle, Washington.

This farce of 1600 France, with modern day hip language hits the nail right on the head. When you see this play, so much is still true in regards to navigating the medical world, both as a doctor & as a patient. For the doctor so promises since Hippocrates~ First do no harm, & for the patient & his/hers family, to this day~ get an advocate, really it is often necessary. We loved the play, & are now big fans of Yale Rep, & are already planing our return.

After dinner at Claire's Corner Copia, which is a breath away from the Historic New Haven Green, we went home by the way of Hartford, & stopped in at Real Art Ways to see Melancholia produced & directed by Lars von Trier. Melancholia a beautiful artful film, filled with so much allegory that more than one viewing [if one can take it] would be necessary if one were to get it all. And even if you see it only once, as we did, it is one of those movies that won't let you take your eyes away from the screen. This movie is no uplift, by any means, but nonetheless there's a beauty. I'll say no more.

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