Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Epilogue, A View From Here--

We've been home since July 2nd. Thinking back to the planning of this "dream come true" trip it all has been quite amazing. I am a definite lover of the sky miles on high, as air travel is really the best. I know there are more hassles with it now, nonetheless I do embrace what is being done, as it is necessary for our safety. My husband & I came to flying a bit later in life, so there aren't many flights to compare these recent trips with. It is always a challenge for me to give up that kind of personal, off the ground control to someone else, but I figure, if the pilot is having a good day, then so are we, plain & simple. When passing the cockpit on entering the plane I say "hi", to those in the cockpit & on disembarking, to also thank the people, who ultimately made our trip possible, with prayers before, during & after these in flight experiences.

We live in a vast, beautiful country & all of the people we encountered along the way were courteous, & friendly. The Peace Garden's postings were a wee sampling of our encounters, both with nature & our fellow humankind.

During our flight out at the beginning of our journey I wrote a poem in tribute to all the creatures & people of the Gulf, [of which I will post at an other time]. My heartfelt poem is only a skimming reality, a mere bubble, on the ocean's surface, compared to all the devastation of our ecosystem that continues to be going on....

I am very grateful & appreciative of what we "still" have regarding the "purity & beauty" of our "natural world." Even now it is almost impossible to describe what it is like to be in "real time", with the magnificent trees we just visited-- love, joy & appreciation overwhelms me, as it is a very deep, spiritual connection.

This "magical mystery" of a tour, for our 40th Wedding Anniversary, has refortified our commitment to "all" that is "good", with "environmental, ecological & conservation preservation", always at the top, like a tree, a Redwood.
"So help us God."


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