Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Hartford Jazz Society Celebrating 50 Years Of Jazz!

We attended a Jazz Concert in Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connecticut, this past Monday 7/19/10. There was a hugh Jazz Festival that past weekend, including the Sunday prior to this concert, which probably along with Monday's iffy weather report, contributed to a lower attendance, nonetheless all those factors in no way affected the quality of the performances that evening, which were most high end.

The band you are viewing presently on stage for the first 3 photos, is Hartford's own Espada. Espada is zesty, spicy & excellently textured. For those of us that enjoy salsas music the only disappointment was, it was over, way too soon.
The gal above is the person who sold me my t shirt. It was a "gotta have", that kind of deal for me, as it's purple, my favorite color, of course.
It was necessary to return for yet another shirt, the gals posing here, are such a wonderful addition to the good will that music brings forth. I had thought one of the black shirts would look good on our son, but we couldn't be sure if he would want to wear it. "He is in The Bynars", my husband said, "& there's always the possibility that he wouldn't want to wear another bands shirt." I considered what he said, it made sense, but I also thought, perhaps as a musician, that musicians would support one another. It was a delima, so I phoned him & left a message, also saying that it was way too noisy at the concert to speak on the phone when he gets to call back. Well I wasn't in my seat 2 minutes, when we received a text from him. The message said, "Get the shirt."
This is Dan, who is President of the Hartford Jazz Society. He's very dedicated & devoted to keeping Jazz alive in downtown Hartford. He's an excellent speaker, & a friendly & fine gentleman to be sure.
On stage now is Rolando Matias & the Afro-Rican Ensemble. They are so loved by the audience, as many people could not resist the beat & the impulse to dance.
The Connecticut State Capitol in all it's glory. Thank goodness for public spaces such as Bushnell Park. Bushnell Park's grounds melt onto the grounds of the State Capitol, it is a real melting pot for all of us. All of this-- It is ours, to respect, to take care of, & to enjoy. City parks are just about the best places in this country for us to get out of our private neighborhood worlds, to revisit one another, & to continue to remind ourselves that we really are, all of us, all in this together, "so help us God".
I was told that during the weekend that there were thousands of people on this lawn for the Jazz Festival, the brown trampled grass is the evident reminder.

It was an excellent evening of Jazz, & the Hartford Jazz Society has a superb way of welcoming all, just by enjoying what they do, as the music was spirited & embracing.

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