Monday, July 12, 2010

"No Matter Where You Go, There You Are"

My husband wasted no time in adding his artistic input to the California coastal scape I arranged in our living room. The driftwood displayed is from his collection of what was sent home. As you can see he let nature express it's self, in the sculptured world of art. Nice touch.

Next to my husband's driftwood piece is a redwood cone from the Howard Creek area, of Westport, Ca. , & also the aspect of an abalone shell obtained from the really cool, Stinson Beach shop. Everything arrived home safe & sound, including us.
The final photo shows Spider Man on our kitchen's windowsill, contemplating a future climb onto Mike Jackson's, chainsaw honed, cut from redwood, *tree. It was quite the thrill to see that this delicate piece arrived safely intact. Though it is mini, in our house it really is, a big deal.

Life in this neck of the woods has been good, hot, humid & steamy, but nonetheless, good. Last week we reconnected with our fam* & friends, & over the weekend we went to the movies & dinner with our extended family. We saw "Despicable Me", which was different, but good. We pretty much, just about took up close to an entire row at the theatre, that, with a couple of giant tubs of popcorn, & our various drinks, [as I had coffee], it was the best, of the best movie going I ever did, & from ages 6-62, we all found something to laugh about.

When we were all visiting Saturday evening, it was a lot of fun to share the various souvenirs I had gathered for every one. Rocks & shells, area topic magnets, city-scapped shot glasses, & even a couple of mini Teddie Bears, all favorites & sent home in advance, as my luggage was already bulging. We will be having an old fashioned Bar-B-Q at the end of the month, hopefully by then I will have learned how to utilize the photos from our trip for a slide show on the "big screen". I then plan on having the driftwood out for all to see, & for everyone to make their various choices to take home.

Yesterday evening before it got dark we gave Dolly a bath, she seemed to like it, & I plan on continuing to work with her over the summer, so her mannerful-dogie ways, are Aok for our fam*. So far so good, as she & I are making excellent progress.

{It seems the spell check is not functioning for this posting right now, so I'll load up some photos in a while, & try the spell check again too. Ok, all set again--

The above titled Confucius quote is so very true. For our trip we left within weeks of my departure from my former job, of a very busy & productive decade & it is now time for me to prioritise, just how I want to get various projects, tasks & ongoing goals completed. Decisions, decisions, decisions. My list is long, but certainly very doable, for-- "No matter where I go, there I am."

As are, we all.

{Folk art* from the California coast can be obtained by contacting: Mike Jackson
OREQ Enterprise P.O. Box 402/120789 Hwy. 101/Orick, Ca. 95555/phone# 707-488-23-40
email: []

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