Saturday, July 3, 2010

Seaside In Carmel

On the morning of our Carmel departure, when having our breakfast at the Cobblestone Inn, we perchance were sitting next to a very charming couple. We got to talking, mentioning things we enjoyed about Carmel, although we had only spent one night, & only had the most minor exposure to this charming town, [as noted by the driftwood in the previous posting].

Come to find out, this very sweet couple are from Boston, our closest major city back east, & our son lives in Boston too. Ethan & Anne, it was truly wonderful to meet you two, & hope you also had a really great time with your travels. Ethan told us the funniest story about this roommate from, h..., that he had, had, for we were talking about the positives & negatives regarding roommates. Ethan is orginally from Toronto, home of one of our favorite authors, Robinson Davies. We laughed so hard regarding the topic of roommates & during all this wonderful morning chatting of getting to know one another, as we were all sitting in a quaintly appointed dining room, beautiful old furniture, stone fireplace. Another man sitting at the next table with his wife, just couldn't resist our newly formed, lively group, & insisted on not only sharing his philosophy on the Jewish & Catholic faiths, then kept returning like a spinning draidle [top], wanting to tell his Don Rickles/Mel Brooks, type jokes, of which he held no candle to their delivery. Anne was amazingly able to defuse him, her technique was skilled & graceful, with such good manners too, like a goalie in a soccer match, & I just couldn't decide if that butinsky jokester was funny or rude, as this guy kept bopping back in insisting on one joke after another. His poor wife, you could tell she was just used to his styx. I said to my husband, I can't tell if this guy is funny or rude, husband then enlightened me, "This guy is rude."

Ethan & Anne, hope to see you again, this time on the east coast, "Boston you're my home." For many we know, & love that is.

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