Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"The Bynars", Our Favorite Boston Based Band, Live & In Person

A really cool venue, & we arrived early enough to enjoy the views....
Our son Mike, the drummer of this really cool band, has been playing with The Bynars for just about 2 years now. I have of course heard several of their CDs, but this is the first of a live performance that I was able to attend, & I must say, they not only have excellent stage presence, but a really unique sound, most excellent.
This fountain graces the entrance of the Arsenal Center for the Arts, of where last night's performance was held.
The above is one of their newest T's, with a very cool design.
My husband, father of the drummer, proudly wearing his Bynars T shirt, & posing with our tickets to the event.
Many happy fans that evening.....
My husband, talking to Rosemary, the mother of Ben who plays synths, visiting a bit, prior to the performance.
This gracious gentleman was the Center's ticket taker, he is posing next to a collage, of the ideal, "non polluted" sea.
The entire band on stage-- Ben at the left on synths, Mike next to him on drums, Matt forefront at the guitar, & Kiel to the right playing bass.
Some stage scenery, which resembled a cityscape from a heightened view on entering from outer space, which is an essential element of The Bynars ongoing theme.
Our son & favorite drummer, Mike, halfway through the show, before the end of intermission.
Good friends from childhood to present, who are of the Boston scene, seated above.
Matt in the forefront, on the guitar & doing his excellent vocals, & Mike at the drums, keeping time, & providing that, full sound beat.
Kiel the integrally talented bass player in the photo above, visiting with some of the band's friendly fans.
Ben at his synth talking music with a fan, you can just feel the passion & joy of his love of music. The final posing of The Bynars together on stage after this "encore performance", from left to right-- Kiel, Mike, Ben, & Matt

Last night we had an excellent time hearing The Bynars play to a nearly full house at--
The Arsenal Center for the Arts, in Watertown, Ma., this past Tuesday evening July 13th, 2010. It was an exciting experience to behold. The music was fresh, original & energetic. The Bynars & their four person, Boston based band include--

Mike Champ [Drums/Vocals]

Matt Jatkola [Guitar/Lead Vocals]

Ben Mettey [Synths]

Kiel Szivos [Bass]

This band is a bright star in the galaxy of 21st century music, & are a definite "must hear", "must see", as they have that possible "magic", that needs to be experienced!

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