Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunflowers For Wishes, Buttonwood Farm, Griswold, Ct.

I never in my life have seen, so many sunflowers growing in the fields, have you?
For seven years now Buttonwood Farm, in Griswold, Ct. has been raising thousands of dollars for the Connecticut Make A Wish Foundation, by selling bunches of sunflowers, commemorative tee shirts & note paper.
I met Adrian [Pumpkin] , Shavonne [Vonnie] & Shavonne's son Preston, towards the end of our sunflower day. We were all so thrilled to be among such beautiful landscape. Adrian was taking a picture of her daughter Shavonne holding her son Preston. Everyone looked so perfect amidst the scenery we just had to acknowledge one another, it was so like a storybook, out by these fields. We talked a bit, & my husband & I learned that this beautiful family traveled through the town of Preston, all the way from their town of Windsor, [near where we used to live too, as our family is also from the Hartford area], to where we were presently standing.
As you view this photo, Adrian is to the left, it's me in the middle, & Shavonne & Preston are on the right. It truly was the perfect way to make new friends, along a country road, by a historic stonewall, gracing a field of sunflowers.

Small beautiful world, all of us out in this quaint countryside, taking it all in, & for a most excellent cause too, so very meaningful.
The crowds were amazing, this was the line to the ice cream stand at 4pm, there were hundreds of people on the grounds.
We decided not to stand in a 45 minute line, & the storm that rolled in really convinced us not to stand in it....
This powerful storm rolled in, & then out quite rapidly, so my husband was able to get us some ice cream after all.

{Additional entry: Here it is Monday morning now, 7/26/10, & I just realized I included the following photo twice, wow, how did I come to do that? I do know of course, as I got all these photos done quite late on Saturday night, & I more than likely was tired, & since it is a favorite, I'm gonna keep it in place. Too much of a good thing here will never be a problem.}
The warm smile on this gal, she is so fitting to be amongst the sunflowers, as she is one too.
Truly a beautiful afternoon, in one of the prettiest spots I could ever image, & only a stone's throw from our neck of the woods too.
Such a wonderful cause, bringing smiles to those who want to help, & help to those we love & care about.
Thank you Buttonwood Farm, you help make us all feel better about some of the more serious things in life, & granting these special wishes, gives us all renewed hope in our own humanity.


{Buttonwood Farm, 473 Shetucket Turnpike [route 165], Griswold, Ct.}

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