Thursday, July 8, 2010

Less Is More That's True, & Just Enough Is Plenty

The amounts of driftwood seemed boundless, a lot, made it home, not all of course.
Gee if only we had a box big enough....

When we were in Trinidad, California on the way up the coast we stopped at a beach along the way to The Redwood Forrest. On the beach my husband discovered beautiful pieces of driftwood. There was so much driftwood, all interesting, beautiful, & unique of course, natures art. We gathered our choices into a pile or two, then into several bags, & into the trunk of our rental car. We knew it would be impossible to carry it all home in our luggage, way too cumbersome.

Well thanks to the U.S. Mail, & much to our relief, finally, the big box of what we shipped, arrived today. My husband within a few short hours created a small free form sculpture out of one of his pieces. "Home, Sweet, Home", it looks so very sweet, right here. Yes, quite the still life, of a tree's past life, to enjoy in our life, the here & the now.

{I'll include my husband's freeform driftwood/sculpture piece at another posting, as the room is far too dark to photograph it well.}

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