Thursday, July 15, 2010

These Dog Days Of Summer

There she is on top of the roof out there, listening to & watching the wildlife. If only she would stay in the yard, she wouldn't have to spend time in a kennel.
My very loyal pooch, but she can be a wanderer if you let her. She does have quite the delicate palate. Here she is drinking the dew off of my plants. Dolly's version of a first cup of coffee, yes she is, a true gourmet.

Today was a busy sort of day, with good errands & intentions. A dear friend of ours is dealing with a very unpleasant case of shingles, so along with some emails back & forth of, "The Ice Cream Chronicles", once it was decided what flavors it was to be, I was off literally & figuratively, with a bell on, [in hand at the very least].

I also began gathering together some materials so I can do a batch of "peace flags" this summer, in time for the UN International Day of Peace, which is slated to take place in September. I did this project several years ago with the children of the area, it was a lot of fun, & they really did a wonderful job decorating their flags, which later on were displayed at our local school.

Dolly has been enjoying more of my free time since I've been on sabbatical from my former job. Yesterday morning as I was having my first coffee of the day, there she was perched on the plywood awning that my husband put up, out in her kennel, to give her a bit of relief from the strong hot sun. She must be related to Snoopy, being up there on top of the world, getting a bird's eye view of things. Can you spot her, up on the roof out there?

I will say this, though having a dog is a lot of work & responsibility, it does have it's pluses, besides a friendly & loyal friend, there is also the clown element of, bizarre situations that in all honesty I couldn't make them up. Heartwarming & with hearty laughter, brought to me by my favorite mutt who is both, funny & sweet.

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