Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Which I Am Reminded*

My Confucius quote for today states: "To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it."

The aspect of being "wronged" & teaching ourselves not to hold on to it, is one of the most challenging of what human beings have been required to do, since the beginning of time. It happens of course in those intimate vignettes with families, which are known to come forth at the times of these gathering together holidays, & can later on, in the course of; neighborhoods, towns, & countries, have been know to provide a less than pretty view.

When it comes to families we can try to make an improvement in the situation, & if that doesn't help, we can meditate on the non remembering of it, & remind ourselves, that the other person who may be displaying anger from decades back, that it has nothing to do with ones self, as it is just that individuals reaction & their take on the world at large, & we just happen to be a by passing character on their stage of life. When recycled, it does make good theatre, & Eugene O'Neil, my favorite of all in American theatre, inspires to this very day.

Sometimes I take a small jaunt down to where he spent a good deal of his childhood. Those lovely grounds as they meet the sea, continue to have the power to heal most any wrong, & with it, oceans of possibilities are always at the shore.



Anonymous said...

Is shattered crystal any different than spilt milk?

Mother Lightning said...

Yes, different, yet concept can be considered similar, the one main difference is milk is opague, & can not to be seen through when held up to the light, w/crystal we can view the colors of the prism, if we *choose to see-- "the handwriting on the wall", especially if the breaking of the glass causes an individual to have a mini tantrum, which is far telling. "Let there be light", is stated for far reaching reasons, & that is why human beings left the cave, & continue to go towards the light, even when their physical time has passed. "All things must pass." George Harrison {Just some pondering thoughts...} Thank U for your comment, & this opportunity to discus.