Sunday, November 22, 2009

At The United Nations & Thankful That We Are Reminded Of Our Ongoing Responsibilities For The Greater Good

Our guide is explaining how this statue was found buried in the ground & how it was effected by the Hiroshima nuclear blast, note the front of this statue--

Now note the pitted erosion on the back of this statue--

The clothing shown below was due to the effect of the Hiroshima nuclear blast, people were documented as being vaporized away, in Hiroshima & Nagasaki from the effects of nuclear war.
A modern day tapestry given to the UN from an empathic country. It is dedicated to the victims of the Chernobyl nuclear accident of the then, Soviet Union.

Below is a tent of basic provisions given to victims of the various disasters & war torn events, such as Dufar.
Areas of the world are still plagued with malaria, this inexpensive mosquito netting saves lives.
The original mural, by a French artist, on the right side of the wall in the General Assembly of the UN.

After our initial arrival to the UN we immediately signed up for our tour which was to begin at 3:45pm on the date of our visit 11/17/09. Our guide was most knowledgeable as she had been out on two missions in the past couple of years, recently returning from Palestine. The information she introduced was packed with details of the various missions the UN has undertaken, including UNICEF, Doctors Without Boarders & the ongoing Project to Prevent & Eliminate Land Mines world wide, with a UN sponsored treaty, of which our very own country has refused to sign. There were many beautiful & invaluable gifts on display, given to the United Nations from individuals & various governments, all in the name of peace, from all corners of the globe. I will try my best to include a representation of some photos from that day's visit, but they are only images of course, for the work that this organization does in the name of all humanity, can only be hinted at on this small blog. From generation to generation the dream shall forever live on as world peace is the only answer.

{This is the first time ever, when I did my photo journal posting that the tears were far too prevalent to overcome. These pictures were not intended to upset anyone, but it would be a gross dishonesty on my part to attempt to convey that all is right with the world, & that the UN is just a balm for the bleeding hearts of the world. The United Nations, though often not listened to by the various nations of the world, is that constant small distant voice & is nonetheless our main hope, with unrelenting reminders, challenging us all, to do the right thing, now, so there will never be a never.}


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