Friday, November 27, 2009

Prayers, Music & Let There Be Light

From Generation to Generation--

A peace pie, with a little help from my friends--
& at the end of the day, a new Thanksgiving chapter--

Here it is the Friday evening after Thanksgiving & time to reflect. It's always a busy time for us in these here hills. We began this year's season by attending the Greater Putnam Interfaith Council's Thanksgiving Eve Service, of which my husband & I are members. This is the third year we have attended such a service, which has been ongoing for decades now, but is fairly new to us. Attending this service has become an important event now for family & friends alike as it sets a special tone.

In the holiday tradition with the food gathering, preparing, cleaning & cooking; it is all, & coming from this non Betty Crocker, domestically challenged type, all I can say is, that with our helping one another, it all becomes worth it.

The interfaith service was a good way to gather together & share of our spiritually inspired lives, as being with kind hearted, peaceful people is always a good beginning to any season. The photos of tonight's postings, are just snippets through the lens, the heart of the matter.

In hopes that your holiday season is blessed with good health, love & peace, & wishing you all*, all that is good. From our neck of the woods to yours-- Peace be with you*.

*{To have peace, we must continue to teach peace, to know peace & beyond..., even if it means that some may have come from less than peaceful families, we must put it in perspective, know that it is only in the past, & continue to move forward, into the light of kindness & understanding, to ourselves & others, no matter the challenge. *Amen* }

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