Friday, November 13, 2009

Puppy Chomping Good

Well we did it, Dolly went with me to work this morning, [what an overly protective Mom I am]. She & I did a mini walk in the yard at 7:35am before leaving & in 5 minutes or less, we were heading down the drive. Luckily I wasn't behind a stream of yellow buses, which tends to happen when I run a bit late, but even when that occurs, I still manage to be in our office by 7:55 or 7:00AM , right on the nose.

My boss arrived around 8:20 or so, she knew the pup was going to be in the car as she had called me before coming in to update me on a matter of importance, it was then that we both had a good laugh regarding my present situation of my recovering dog in the car, my first patient of the day. She knew that my plan was to go outside at about 10:00 or so for another "walk the pup session", but I was told, "You might want to go out there about now." she said. "Looks to me like Dolly's a bit excited, & looks like she got herself some foam which is shredded all over your car." "Oh that's probably her foam bed. I put it in there with her for comfort, I didn't think she'd chew on that.", I replied.

So I finished up temporally & went out to the parking lot to check on her. Well I do work at a school, & wouldn't mind saying, "The dog ate my homework.", as much as that's a great line. What I can say is-- well let me put it this way, do they make beige duck tape to match this seat?

*{The above photo of Dolly was taken today in the parking lot of the local Dunkin' Donuts, during our lunchtime. We shared a multigrain bagel, non toasted, with low fat cream cheese. I had vanilla coffee, extra light with one sugar, Dolly had water, extra clear, cold & fresh. It was all, "just right."}

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