Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Tuesday Afternoon In New York, With The Sky Being The Limit*

I only began this blog New Year's Eve two years ago. One of my earliest post's included a song my son was able to install for me, in one of those earliest enteries-- "I Have A Dream", by ABBA. When I was appromaxtely 9 years old I had a small neighborhood Puppet Show at our house. All my friends attended, I can't say I really recall what the script might have been which I wrote out, but I do know the acting included singing & dancing of the puppets for the performance. It was my one gal show. I only charged probably a dime or so for the ticket admission [& yes I hand made the tickets] which I sold to the neighborhood kids. My first ever event for the public grossed probably a dollar. I was so very, very proud, as this was an event I was sponcering for the UN. All of us kids were most familiar with the work of the United Nations due to the many years we participated in "Trick or Treat for UNICEF", we would all say-- "Pennies for UNICEF", when people would open their door. It was the best Trick or Treating that we could have ever done, & that was the way Halloween was celebrated for many years. One of the most thrilling moments of my life was when I received a "Thank you Letter", from the UN, a most memorable moment for this 9 year old & my dream had begun, to some day work for the UN when I was all grown up.

Decades upon decades later, my husband & I have been fortunate enough to be able to pass on such a simple dream of so very long ago, as two of our three sons, participated in "Model UN", in both high school & then college. So in this way the dream lives on.....

Yesterday my husband & I were all set to see an important exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, the MOMA in NYC. We checked everything of what we considered to be of importance before leaving: car- check, money-check, train schedule/which station to leave from- check, now we are what I would consider to be experienced museum goers, so we deliberately planned this trip for a Tuesday, as museums are known to be closed on Mondays, well not the MOMA! The MOMA is closed to the general public at large on Tuesdays, & specifically open on Tuesdays for guided tours for people with handicaps & disabilities. So there we were, in the lobby of one of our favorite museums, in a gigantically hugh city, feeling like the line-- "All dressed up, & nowhere to go."

Until we met Ruth, from Western Canada sitting next to me in the lobby........

{*To be continued, as the story that is to follow, is way too intricate & the words are still formulating--

{Also-- I guess today was a hard day at the blog, regarding spelling & the like. Thank goodness my husband brings this to my attention so I can make the corrections. Please excuse my occasional cryptic spellings, & what it does to the English language, oye*, now that's some kind of word.}

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