Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday's A Good Day To Plan A Mini Jaunt--

Monday, Monday, thus a new week. I worked over the weekend as it was my rotation, we take turns working every third weekend in our office. For the most part it was a fine weekend to be on, I had just one out of town student that need care, as she was suffering from an upper respiratory infection, not quite the flu, but only time will tell on that. All the other students had meetings, or sporting events schedule. On Saturday the weather was a bit messy, but everything went on as scheduled, including an out of town, cross country event.

Last week I began one of Cesar Millan's books-- "Be The Pack Leader". I want to give this process with Dolly my very best as she is a very strong pup, both in will & physical strength. She pulls a great deal on the collar when we go for walks & tends to need a lot of correction, but she has a sweet nature & I can tell when she gets it right & I approve, she is most pleased with herself, which is a good sign, but as Cesar says-- it is mostly instinct, & the dog will revert to her instinct always, so establishing control, pack leader-dom, is of the up most [pup most], importance. This certainly keeps me on my [dogie] toes, several walks a day, up & down the driveway, & out by my garden [no matter the weather], I just plain enjoy the challenge & the discipline. No report cards yet for her or me, it's a bit too early in the process.

Having a new puppy, with all that they require is almost like being on a new born's schedule, but of course quite a bit easier. Between all that I'm already involved with, our family & home, job, conservation work, interfaith & faith based group work, & upcoming book publishing project. Due to all of this, my original Peace Garden had become less than pleasing, so today, after puppy care I went down there to sort out, & remove some of the less than desirable objects, which have become way too shabby & weather worn. I am now pleased to report that just by doing some very minor things, symmetry has been restored.

Tomorrow my husband & I plan on leaving this tree house early, as the MOMA [the Museum of Modern Art] in NYC, is our destination, for the Bauhaus exhibit. The great outdoors of our natural world & the museums of the world are our most favorite places to go, & theatre too, but tomorrow it will have to be theatre in the raw, limited to-- "people watching". Gotta go, as trains leave early.

{The above photos are of original locomotions taken at the Henry Ford Museum, outside of Detroit, Michigan-- Labor Day 2009, with admission to the museum free, in honor of the American Worker, each & every Labor Day.}

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