Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends"-- Beautiful Like The Song

The Thanksgiving holiday was gently extended with a special visit from our N.J. friends which made the season additionally delightful. My idea of a good old fashioned holiday is for our home to be bursting at the seams, to be woven with the main characters of our lives, for all that it encompasses, some laughs, & some new lessons, which often times needs refreshing. Our sharing in a friendship, that goes back decades is a beautiful gift of all seasons.

The photo of tonight's posting is a sweet cherub, blowing a kiss goodbye, a gift from our dear friends, adding a sweet symbol to the Peace Garden, a message of which we all embrace.


***{Important additional note to conclude this day: It is now 8:28pm , our President is addressing our noble Cadets at West Point, including peoples of the Nation & the World. We are being told that 30,000 more Troops are to be sent to the war in Afghanistan. My response to this address remains unchanged, as the Quakers, "War is not the answer."}***

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