Thursday, November 12, 2009

You're Looking Swell Dolly

Dolly my pup has returned after a 24 hour stay with the Vet. She is 7 months old now, & in order to be a true responsible pet owner it was necessary for me to have her spayed. Definitely a big deal on any body, & she the sweet, strong gal of a pup that she is, did very well! Dolly makes fast friends where ever she goes, & the Veterinarian & her Assistant, couldn't stop raving about her excellent behavior. Mutts, there's something about a mutt, such mystery & puzzlement regarding the legend of their lineage. I have been told repeatedly by my wonderful Vet, that any of the minor bad habits she may exhibit can definitely be worked through & corrected. I was told she's a herding dog, & herding dogs she said want to nip to get the stock herded to where they want them. Interesting, because I wondered why she insists on wanting to gently nibble, yet she stops immediately when I correct her. So it's just a matter of discipline on my part, which is no surprise, how else do we get anything worthwhile done. I'll say his-- Dolly's been a great teacher, she & I are both pretty new students on all of this. The spirit & love of the nature of a sweet dog is a great motivating factor. "Dolly it's so nice to have you back where you belong."

{I think Dolly will be traveling with me to work in the morning, as her dog-pen area where she stays when we're not home, equipted with one of those cute insulated igloo dog houses, probably won't do. The area that's set up for her is really on a man made sand lot, nice for all other times, but won't do for the next week or so as we have this fresh abdominal incision to keep clean, so until she's healed up a bit more, she'll be under the watchful eye of moi'. Wishing you good healing Dolly, can't help it, you've got that cuteness thing going, she sure can look goofy, our newest comedian. Last call for our mini dog walk, as day is done.}

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