Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It Was An Educational Event With A Fun Factor*

The Stonewall Preservation workshop went off really well. Our guest speaker Robert Thorson of stonewall fame, "Stone By Stone" did an excellent job of educating & enlightening us on the intrinsic value of our New England stonewalls. Now it is up to us, to put something together on paper, that will help to protect these rambling beauties. We'll get there.

{Post Scripted Thoughts: The turnout for this extremely well put together event/presentation was a bit lower in numbers than I anticipated, as I thought the room would be packed, truly. We certainly got the word out, but really what do I know about the interests & desires of the public at large? Even back to my days of working at a medical clinic, it would be impossible to anticipate how busy we were going to be on any given day. The same I guess could be said regarding putting forth a workshop. I've been to many a workshop/lecture, & this one was outstanding, but I happen to have a passion for rocks, where they come from & what we do with them as individuals & as a civilization. It's been an interest of mine since age 7, & at age 9 I had my first rock garden under our family's blue spruce. When we lived in New Britain there was an interesting rock formation in one of our neighbors yard's, definitely a boulder from the ice age. I may someday take a course to further my limited bit of knowledge, as for the most part there were no natural science courses for many gals of my generation when we were growing up, but times have changed, & delving in deeper is the way to go, if one wants to learn new things & who doesn't.

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