Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nature's Beauty Once Again, After The Storm

One of the remains after Hurricane Irene of my husband's sunflowers. As we can see it doesn't really matter to this hard working bee.
Always, a curious sort, that I am, & wanted to check out the shore line this past Tue. 8/30/11, to take in the lay of the land. As can be noted, not much amiss on this jetty, up the road from Misquamicut State Beach in R.I.

Our saucer magnolias are Aok, & will sun themselves a bit more, thankfully.

Here she is my dog Dolly, finally with the very first picture of her sitting next to the very flowers which truly are the reason I adopted her, can't remember if it's been two or three years since she's been our pooch, as it now seems forever! Anyway, the true main reason, I needed a dog, was that the deer were eating my flowers, espically the white phlox she is so proudly posing next to. These phlox are named David, & I planted them as they are so very wonderful, & yes I have a brother named David. Hi there Dave!

Hurricane Irene has come & gone. Since the last posting of the Peace Garden, we've remained on generator power. Shortly after my last entry we lost our phone & internet, so this morning it's back, yeah, yeah, rah, rah !!!

When a tree falls in the forest, which has been the case since the hurricane, though we really can't say we've heard too much racket out in our woods, but power lines remain down throughout our State of Connecticut, with over 200 thousand people still without power. Am hopeful we are back on the grid soon, as maintaining the operational goings on of a generator, in these here hills, for though it's a small machine, still, it is a lot of work for my husband.

The above are of course a few photos taken over the past few days. None disastrous, or sad in any way, & in all honesty, truly, that's the way we like it, as much as we must acknowledge, & continue to come to terms with what nature wroughts, as it is all, truly, beyond our power. The very best we can all do, as we go forward in life, is to remember that ole Girl Scout motto~ to be prepared. And yes, we continue to work at it, as best as we can!

We wish you all continued safety & peace, from all of nature's storms.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful Photos my friend. After the Storm is pick up put back together time...Enjoyed your Blog and so glad you and Steve and Dolly are Fine! LOL. b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thank U* Barb, & the same for U* & Stephan, enjoy your beautiful Jersey Shore, & we're so thankful that yaz, are Aok too!

LOL out your way!