Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/01~ to Today 9/11/11, Forever In Our Hearts Forever

It was important for me to do something special to mark the Anniversary of this special day. So after getting a true sense of what I felt I needed to do, I decided to accept our friend's invitation to attend a Service this morning at her Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting House, in Brooklyn, Ct.

It was a simple, yet poignant service, filled with song, sharing of joys & concerns, readings, & sustenance too. There was a talk presented, simply titled~

9-11-01: A Personal Journey

This talk was of a member's own personal account of the day, how it unfolded, the consequences of the tragic event on 9-11-01, & what it meant to him, during the horrific tragedy, after, & to the present. When his talk ended it was concluded with the song~

"They Are With Us Still"

Yes they are, yes they are, yes, they are....



This day also included the extended family celebration for our grandson's 9th Birthday, as his birthday was 8/27/11, but due to Hurricane Irene, there were delays in the party scheduling & all. It was truly a lovely way to end the day, a classic New England dinner with so many of our fam*, all gathered at our daughter-in-law's aunt's family homestead which was built as far back as the 1600's. And there we were too, so very many of us, checking & using our digital smart phones, in a place created so very long before, "what's a phone.." .

It was quite the day of contrasts, with our grandchildren, ages 9 & 7, born of a generation which is post 9/11/01 . There's no going back, only forward, one step at a time.

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