Sunday, August 28, 2011

Weathering The Weather...

My husband's sunny sunflowers, just a few days ago, with the first photo being of the, here & now...

Below are the peliquins in flight, from our eldest son's vacation album, taken in the outter banks off the N. Carolina coast just a few weeks ago. Time does Fly, as nature, is always in flux....

We're in the midst of heavy rains, & winds. Hurricane Irene has been down graded to a tropical storm, which is ok with me, a bit less of a punch, but nonetheless taken seriously. If the worst we fare here are tumbled flowers, & a few minor branches down, I'm fine with that, for I never really need the excitement of Mother Nature's wrath to feel the power & glory of it all! We do run a very serious risk of some of our trees coming down, & if that were to be the case, as it had been several years ago, when a major 100+, years old, papa of a tree, not only took down our power line, but fell right across the driveway, of which we had no access in or out, until this massive tree, sadly was cut up. We still miss him, but he now has a rather grand stump, like Shel Silverstein's,

The Giving Tree.


A friend's friend on facebook was concerned about where she lives in Stonington, Ct., which is right on the Long Island Sound, & her fears proved right, as some one's house in that small village community was hit by a power line, & caused a fatal fire, & am of course most hopeful that she was nowhere near that horrific tragedy. It is the strong rains, & winds that remain a possible threat, in regards to all the power lines, not only in our tightly packed cities, but in our small communities too. We lost our municiple power this morning at arround 9:15am, & my husband being the very well prepared individual that he has always been, made sure our generator was in good operational order, & that we had plenty of fuel on hand to last us for at least 3 days.

May the stories we share at the end of this adventure, be of a positive nature. Nature with all she can muster, is a part of us all! Be well.

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