Thursday, September 1, 2011

To Be A Kite, The Rightness of Air

Here they are our two modest & humble kites, hopefully never to be forgotten again...

On Tuesday of this past week when we had just arrived at Misquamicut Beach, in R.I., I realised I had forgotten to pack our kites. For some years now, I would just keep them in the car so I could be on the ready, but low & behold my intuitive Girl Scout method, had been jumbled a bit, due to all the various chapters of us cleaning out the back of my car, for this transport or that, & so there we were standing out on the ancient jetty, the one that's photographed in a previous posting -
There was plenty of ocean wind that day, but alas, no kite, no kite....

I proceeded to solve that straight away yesterday morning, & immediately put our two kites with
all their string, right back where they belong, back into the car, to be on the ready whenever there might be, the rightness of air....

To Be A Kite, The Rightness of Air

I await the rightness of air
to bring me up
knowing well,
that a wind too
will bring me crashing down to earth

do I not go
take this marvelous wind
and sail, upon the sky

such of course, is my course~

I take this wind
soar, taunting at tethered string
waving ruggard and tattered tail
an adolsolent in the sky
knowing that this too is who I am

one with the wind

so help me God


This completes today's addition to the Poetry A Muse In Motion Project. May all your winds, be sweet, high, & most positive. We wish you peace.


It is of course Labor Day Weekend, we plan on beginning it with a documentary movie about the life of Sholem Aleichem, at Real Art Ways in Htfd. Ct., It looks interesting, & here's the link-

Have a good weekend one & all!

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