Saturday, September 24, 2011

What A Positively Wonderful Day With Googly Eyes & All...

In our neck of the woods, we had a wonderful event, entitled~

Positively Pomfret Day

What it entailed was a bit of a small town fair, of crafters, small businesses, activities for the kids such as games & crafts, music, town government departments with tables & booths doing public relations with the town residents, which of course included our town's~ Conservation Commission.

This is the second year that the Pomfret Conservation Commission did an ecological craft with the children of the community. Last year the kids worked on; Conservation/Nature Flags, which really was a big hit, & due to that, we certainly had to make sure we got these flags, once again out of storage, to take to the breeze, & enjoy, which we did!

This years craft project was listed as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, & let me say, in all honesty I didn't think last year's flag project could be out done, but I think perhaps it was, for by approximately 1:05pm or so, the last potato was being worked on by one of our very talented customers. What can I say, potatoes here, & potatoes there, what a history of~ one of the most versatile vegetables to come out of the ground~
Mr. Mrs. & shall we say, Miss, & Ms. Potato Head, too!

Potato salad anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Well doesn't this yearly event sound like Fun...and what a Great Experience it is for the kids to share and understand the meaning of the day...And now Cheryl, thanks so much for the Education and share of this fun event with all your readers as well! LOL, b. Malin

Mother Lightning said...

Thanks Barb. It was a fun event, & it kept the week chugging along, as we just did our UN Peace Day event only last Sunday!
Time does fly, & sometimes, it's quite the challenge w/ just 24 hours to a day, & now it's onward towards Rosh Hashanah, "the head of the year"!

A healthy & happy Jewish New Year to all our friends & fam*'s, & the people we all love! xo
& thank u* so,~ for your comments & support!!!

[Yes, a lot of !!! noted in this note, for sure!]